Introduction to Clay Modelling

Animals, the human figure, imaginary characters and monsters or even abstract shapes can be modelled out of clay. Forming clay by building up and taking away is an excellent method for learning to work in 3 dimensions. In this course, you will choose your subject, build up your clay and work towards creating your sculpture.

Illusion of Motion?: CUSP @11thour in King’s Lynn

The first 11thour took place on 11 October. It was a magical night. The horrendous showers didn’t dampen the spirit of the evening. There were performances, exhibitions, light shows and more at several venues in King’s Lynn.

We,  cusp (Alison Dunhill, Lydia Haines, Helen Breach and Esther Boehm), ran a workshop at the Ceremony Room of Hanse House. Starting with organic, inorganic & found materials including bicycle parts. The first step was building a frame. Then things started to move up and out.